Many times we do not realize everything we publish and Google indexes . And it is that if I wanted to delete everything written in Goolge I would not even know where to start. Until recently what we published on Google stayed there forever. Yes, there has always been talk about companies that erase data from the Internet, but I have never trusted this type of practice. If you are concerned about your personal data from the Internet and you want to know how to delete a Google page, do not miss the following post as we are going to learn how to easily delete my Google data .

And it is that you will be glad to know that to solve this problem. The Mountain View giant enabled an online form to be able to eliminate your trace on the Internet .

This initiative was produced thanks to a ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union , which gives us the possibility of withdrawing our data from the network if we so request and under various circumstances. And it is that the right to be forgotten is something that should not be ignored.

How to delete my data from Google 2023

We are going to go step by step to know how you have to delete your data from the search engine.

Requirements to delete all my internet data

Before starting to know “how to delete my data from Google”, you should know that you can make them disappear as long as the information to be deleted meets the following premise:

“inadequate, not relevant or no longer relevant or excessive in relation to these purposes and the time elapsed”

Therefore, before starting the application, try to comply with this term.

How to delete my personal data from the internet 2023

Well, if you already meet the term mentioned above, you can start filling out the form to eliminate your Internet trace . To fill out the form you have to enter the following address….

How to fill out the form to remove content from Google

If you want to continue to know how to delete everything Google knows about you, you will have to fill out the form step by step.

  1. Choose your country, in this case Spain, is the first requirement to delete Google data.
  2. Write your name.
  3. If you are not the person requesting to delete personal data from Google , you must write the name of the person who is in charge of the process.
  4. You must request information about “what binds you to this person”, whether it is a friend, a relative, etc.
  5. Contact email.

Once the form is filled in, you will have to put the URLs that you want to be deleted and in each of them the reason .

After this you will have to identify yourself, for this you will have to upload a photo of your DN I. Do not worry because Google promises to delete your National Identity Document in 30 days . Then in the “signature” section, write your name.

Once the process is finished we will click on “send”. If everything goes well, the person in charge of the domain will receive a notification letting them know that the content of the URL that you provided to delete your Google data has been deindexed from the search engine .

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