How to destroy data stored on a computer hard drive

It is not usual, but sometimes we need to delete all data from a hard drive , the one we have been using on our Windows computer. We have already explained on more than one occasion that when we delete one or more files on the computer, what the operating system does is mark the file or files with a series of codes that indicate that it is not or is not accessible. As long as those files are not overwritten, they can be recovered using the appropriate tool .

What does Macrorit Data Wiper Pro offer?

After using Macrorit Data Wiper Pro it will no longer be possible to recover any of the deleted data, since the application takes care of deleting it permanently. This program allows you to carry out a deep cleaning of a partition, a USB disk or any external disk.

Unallocated space on a hard drive, which was never used or was left free after deleting files, can also be easily cleaned using a fast wipe algorithm.


Among the features that adorn this application, the following stand out:

  • In addition to Unallocated space, it also takes care of wiping free space using a quick wipe algorithm.
  • Sensitive data can be irreversibly erased quickly and easily.
  • It allows you to completely erase the system disk, without leaving any trace.
  • It can be used on the most modern hard drives.
  • It supports IDE, SCSI, SATA and newGPT disk formats, as well as all versions of USB disks.
  • It also allows you to delete, as long as they are installed on the computer, virtual disks: VMware, Virtual Box and virtual PC.
  • It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.
  • It works on the latest versions of Windows.

To consider

The program is capable of freeing up all the occupied and unused space on the computer’s disk, keeping the operating system intact. There is a free version of the program that can be used on a personal level and does not include some of the options supported by the paid versions.


To get this application you have to access Macrorit Data Wiper Pro . It runs smoothly on the latest versions of Windows. As we have already indicated, there is a free version of it, which can be downloaded in two formats: installable and portable.

There are also two paid versions: the Pro version is valid for a single PC and the Unlimited has no limit when it comes to being installed on several computers.