How to DISABLE “OK Google” on Android

Are you a security maniac? Then I’m sure you’ll be interested in this post because thanks to the voice command you can have access to multiple options on your device . Yes, I know that voice commands go according to your personal modulation but… What if someone could imitate the timbre of your voice in such a way that they could fool your smartphone ? Don’t worry, today we are going to see how to deactivate “OK Google” in 2023 , thus being a plus for mobile phone insurance , so no one can use your voice to access your Android device.

What is “OK Google”?

Well, it is the activation word with which we will put Google Now on alert, the personal assistant of the Mountain View boys .

Well, it has a multitude of functionalities . For example, once Google Now is active, send a message or check the weather … Etc.

How to Disable Ok Google on Android Step by Step 2023

Removing Ok Google on Android is easy if you know how to do it. Today I am going to teach you how to easily disconnect this service . I must point out that the test model is a Leeco le max 2 , although this method can be extrapolated to any Android smartphone .

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Remove Ok Google On Android Easy and Fast 2023

The first thing we should go to is “Settings” .

In the menu we look for the “Google” section , click on it.

We will see a multitude of options, the one that interests us is “Search” , click on it.

We enter «Voice».

In this section, click on “Voice Match” .

We disconnected “Access With Voice Match” and that’s it, we already know how to deactivate “OK Google” on Android . Although it is true that the location of this option can vary a bit from one device to another, so we are going to review how to remove this service according to the most popular user searches .

Disable Ok Google In Bq

In Bq models we can remove OK Google with the following route:

  • Settings/Google/Search/Voice/ “Ok Google” detection

Disable OK Google Huawei

To remove Ok Google from Huawei phones, the path would be as follows:

  • Settings/Phone/Google Assistant.

Disable OK Google Xiaomi

To deactivate “Ok Google” on Xiaomi mobiles, the route would be as follows.

  • Settings/Phone/Google Assistant.

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