How to Disable Sending SMS Through Signal

Have you created an account on Signal and are you starting to use it as a substitute for WhatsApp? Well, it is convenient that you know that this application has a very important problem that if it is not configured correctly, you can be charged for sending messages from your company . That is why today in MrAppsGeek we will teach you how to deactivate the sending of SMS through Signal to avoid possible charges on your telephone bill .

Why Should You Block SMS on Signal?

Well, for the simple reason that the application assumes the function of sending messages from your phone company , that is, if you send a message through Signal to a contact who does not have the application installed, the message will arrive… but as text SMS, charging you what a conventional message costs . That is why it is best to deactivate this function to prevent Signal from charging you for SMS .

How to Disable Sending SMS in Signal Step by Step 2023

To block the sending of SMS in Signal, the first thing we must do is enter the 3 horizontal lines at the top right of the home screen.

Then we will enter “Settings” (Settings) .

How to know if I can be charged for SMS and MMS in Signal 2023

Once inside we will see that SMS and MMS will appear under our profile , if we have it active we will have to deactivate it immediately since we could be charged for each SMS that we send to users who do not have the application installed. To disable them, we must enter that section.

We will go to where it says “Touch to change the default SMS application” .

Click on “SMS Application” which by default will be preselected “Signal” .

We choose the messages application .

And with this we can avoid being charged on Signal since now the official messaging application will be in charge of sending SMS and MMS.

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