How to DISABLE Smartscreen In Windows 10

The Internet is a place full of all kinds of threats in the form of malicious files which infect our computers with very different and even creative techniques. Luckily, Microsoft has incorporated security measures into its most recent operating systems, one of them and the most famous is the Smartscreen filter , in this tutorial we show you how to configure it and of course how to deactivate and activate this security system .

What is Windows Smartscreen in Windows 10 and what is it for?

It is a security system included in the latest versions of the Microsoft operating system . It could be said that Smartscreen works as an extra layer of security with which the operating system detects and blocks the loading of potentially dangerous software , either through the browser or even when executing the installation of a program. This means that we can receive the following types of messages:

  • Windows smartscreen prevented an application from starting.
  • Windows smartscreen prevented an unknown application from starting.

What Happens If I Disable It ?

Well, you will lose that extra layer of security and you will be vulnerable to the loading of potentially dangerous binary files . The only problem with SmartScreen is that sometimes it gets a lot of false positives and you need to remove it to install some program .

How to Disable Windows SmartScreen in Windows 10

If you are here it is because you want to disable Windows SmartScreen in Windows 10 because you need to install a program and you get the warning , yes, false positives are very common when using this extra layer of security. But don’t worry, we are going to learn how to remove Windows SmartScreen in Windows 10 easily and quickly . To do this, we must use the combination of 2 keys:

  • Windows + R.

Once executed, we must put the following command “inetcpl.cpl” (without quotes) and click on “OK” .

We will enter “Properties: Internet” and once inside we will look in the tabs above for the one that says “Security” , we enter inside and a series of options will appear to us, the one that interests us is “Custom Level” .

How to configure SmartScreen in Windows 10

Here we will see many options, the one that we are interested in finding is the one that says “Run UNSecure Applications And Files” , it is a little below half. It is in this section where we will have 3 functionalities.


This is the most secure option that will no longer enable unsafe apps and files to load (gives a lot of false positives).

Enable (Not Secure)

We will be able to run potentially dangerous programs, applications and games (supposedly) without the filter being bypassed .

Ask (Recommended)

It will always ask when loading a new program or application if we want to run it or not.

How to remove Smartscreen Windows 10?

To deactivate Smartscreen we must click on “Enable” a pop-up window will appear with the following message:

  • Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone? This security setting will put your computer at risk.

We will hit “Yes”.

Activate Smartscreen In Windows 10

To re- enable this security filter, we just have to go back to the previous screen and leave the option on “Ask (Recommended)” .

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