How to Downgrade an Android App

One thing that is always said when you buy any gadget (be it a tablet, smartphone or TV set ) is to always have it updated to the latest version . This always brings improvements in terms of security and stability, although unfortunately… This is not always the case, many times when we update to the latest version of an Android app we are horrified to see how it does not always go completely well, which is why you have asked yourself in some time how to downdate an android application? , do not worry we give you the answer EASY AND FAST .

Why go back to a previous version in an Android application?

Well, it may be that when you update your favorite app it gets corrupted , doesn’t run smoothly or is simply not compatible with your device . That is why we must know how to install a previous version of an application .

How to Downdate an Android Application?

Going back to a previous version in an Android app is very easy , you just have to follow these steps.

Uninstall the App You Want to Downgrade

For them we go to “Settings” .

Then we go to “Applications” .

We look for the app that we want to delete.

Once located, click on “Uninstall” and that’s it, easy, right? Well , you already have the app removed , now we are going to see how to Install a previous version of an Android application .

How to Install an Older Version of an Android App

To go back to an old version of an application , all we have to do is go to APK mirror , a website where we can find the history of any Android application . Once inside, all we have to do is look for the APK of the oldest version of the application that we want to update . We will have at our disposal a list such as this one, you just have to select the version that was compatible with your Smartphone before it was updated by the Play Store and you will start reporting problems.

Avoid Automatic Updates By Google Play

You already know how to downdate an Android application , now you have to make sure that it is not updated by itself through the Play Store. To avoid this, we enter Google Play and look for the app that we have just downdated . At the top right we will see 3 horizontal points , click on them.

We deactivate the box that says “Automatic Updates” . With this we prevent said app from updating again .

Well now that you know how to go back to a previous version in an Android application , could you leave me a comment with your impressions? You can come back whenever you want, you would make me very happy, I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to share, thanks!