How to Download a Full Copy of Your Facebook Profile

I don’t know if you have heard about the new Facebook scandal related to our privacy . And it is that it is known by all that this free social network has nothing . But… How much information does this social network store about us? , you should know that a lot and in this tutorial we will explain how to download a complete copy of your Facebook profile .

Facebook Violates Data Protection Law

You should know that a Twitter user named Dylan McKay has uploaded a screenshot of his Facebook profile data and it is quite scary because the history of calls and SMS made by him is included in it. It was known that Mark Zuckerberg ‘s social network collected information but not to such an extent and he knows EVERYTHING . That is why you are wondering about the information that is on our platform , don’t worry, we will explain how to download all the information from your personal profile in a Zip file .

How To Download A Full Copy Of Your Facebook Profile 2023

The first thing we will have to go to our user account on PC or Android under the desktop view and click on the top right to open our profile options .

Access Settings

In the menu we go all the way down to where it says “Settings” .

Where Facebook Information Is Stored

This is where you can download your profile information, to do so, click on “Download A Copy Of Your Information” .

Download Your Information Get A Copy Of What You Shared On Facebook

Did you want to know where the information from Facebook goes ? Well, for now, this social network compiles all our conversations , phone numbers, photos… and even if they say they don’t share this information with third parties, it’s clear that they do .

In the event that you want to download a complete copy of your Facebook profile , click on “create my file” .

Then for security reasons you will have to enter your password again .

How long does it take to download information from Facebook

We will be notified that it will take a while to collect all the information from our personal Facebook profile . Once we are sure, click on “Create File” .

For me specifically , it takes about 5 minutes , it will depend on the amount of data that your account has .

Once we receive the information of our account to our email, a link will appear to access the download of it .

The final step… download the ZIP file of my personal Facebook profile to find out what information they have about us .

Now that you know how to download the information from your Facebook profile, you can leave me a comment with your impressions, don’t forget to share, thanks for your visit.