How to Download Araword for Android Free

Araword is a completely free computer application that you can enjoy both on your personal computer and on your mobile device. If you want to know more about this program, I advise you to keep reading because throughout this article on The Power of MrAppsGeek we will teach you what it is, what it consists of, how it works and how to install it on Android and PC .

What is Araword and what is it for?

Designed by the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering of the CPS of Zaragoza, Araword is a multifunctional word processor , since it allows the writing of both text and pictograms . This particularity that it has makes it a very interesting application when preparing all kinds of communication materials, especially recommended for people who are learning literacy or for people who have difficulties in any of these scopes.

How to Install Arasuite for PC Free 2023

To install Araword you will have to do it through Arasuite at this link , also to complete this information I will leave you a video with the installation process.

How to Download Araword for Android Free 2023?

Enjoying Araword on your Android mobile device is also possible for free. If you are reading this article from your mobile terminal, all you have to do is enter the following link to the Google store .

If you do not want to enter through the link, simply in the Google store you can search for it to install it completely free of charge. Downloading Araword is done like any other type of application and you will already have it ready to enjoy on your Android device.

How is Araword 2023 used?

As soon as you download Araword for free , you will be able to verify that it is a very simple interface, which makes it a program accessible to all types of users. As in a conventional word processor, all you have to do is select the “File” menu and click on “New” to start working on our sheet.

We also have different options in the “Text” menu to be able to change the size , color or font of the text. However, what makes Araword especially interesting is its “Pictograms” menu . Within this menu we can choose the size we want for our pictogram as well as find other options such as compose or decompose that we can activate through shortcuts.

The option to paste text is especially interesting . Choose a text that you like, copy it into Araword and you will see how the pictograms appear under the words, creating a truly spectacular effect.

To modify the pictograms , the operation is simple, if we place ourselves in a pictogram and press the F3 key, the application will let us choose the pictogram we want for a girl. If the word is composed, for example, toothbrush, we must press F4 since it will be the access that allows us to choose the pictogram according to those grouped words.

For the rest, we can also change the name of the pictograms for those that are most interesting to us with just pressing F5. Araword also has features that allow us to modify our pictograms, such as converting them to a gray scale. Simply select that option within the “Pictograms” menu and you will be able to choose the scale that you like best.

How to Load Pictograms in Araword?

One of the most interesting options is to upload new pictograms , in this way, we will have access to a practically unlimited and constantly updated database.

If we want to load new pictograms, we must go to the “Tools” menu , choose “Resource Manager” and “Check for updates” . In this way, the new updated pictograms from the ARASAAC database will be loaded to be used in our texts.

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