How to easily locate a song on Google by humming

It is something that happens frequently, we want to locate a song by humming. Although there are some applications, not many, designed to achieve this, it is best to use the Google search engine as a location system.

Sometimes we hear an unknown song that we really like, but we don’t know how to find out what it is. We want to know your title. What does not make sense is to start searching without meaning, hence the importance of having a system that allows us to make a precise location, without complications.

The best thing, as in many other search cases, is to resort to Google. All we have to do is start humming, and the search engine will take care of finding it without it being necessary to carry out any other actions.

Hum and find the song on Google

For some time now, Google has shown a microphone on the right side of the search box. There are many users who use it to carry out voice searches, but it also serves to do what we have indicated: easily locate a song on Google by humming . To do this, we must do the following on our mobile device:

  • After opening Google, click on the microphone icon.
  • A screen will open showing the word Listening… At the bottom we must click on Press button .
  • We begin to hum the song and, almost immediately, we will be shown a video image with access to it. In some cases more than one result may be displayed, usually a total of ten.
  • We will only have to click on the appropriate link to find out where we have the song stored.

In the event that we want to perform the search on a computer, the process is similar. What we are going to need is to have a microphone connected to the equipment. If a message appears that tells us Voice search has been disabled , we must click on Details and carry out what is indicated.

The process to follow to carry out the location of a song on the computer follows the same steps as on the mobile. As we can see, it is a simple system.

In both cases, mobile device or computer, we can also find out the title of a song without humming. To do this, we must place the phone or tablet in front of the source of the emission and follow the steps indicated when we choose to hum. If we do it with the computer, it is clear that what we must place is the microphone connected to it.

To consider

The normal thing is that Google shows what we want so it is not necessary to resort to other systems, but this does not mean that we disdain them. Among the best known apps is Shazam . With it we will be able to identify the songs that are playing around you .