How to edit PDF easily and for free

If we take a tour of we will discover a few applications designed to create, edit and convert PDF documents . As it is a universal format that, moreover, for some time now can be integrated into web pages and, as it offers a large number of options, it is used on many occasions, in order to create documents in which text, images and other types of graphics.

Today we are talking about a software that belongs to the group and that offers great benefits. We mean  Icecream PDF Editor . With this application it is possible to edit PDF files without complications.

It offers a complete panel of tools that allows, after accessing the appropriate option, to carry out any of the modifications supported by this type of document. Thus, its features include text modification, adding notes, writing, file protection, or page management, among other possibilities.


If we analyze the options offered by  Icecream PDF Editor , we find the following:

  • Edit text : After opening a PDF document within the application we can easily modify the text included in it, changing the content and its format.
  • Manage pages : It is possible to carry out a change in the structure of the document by performing, among other actions, a change in the ordering of the pages, a division of a document into several or, also, a merger of several documents into one.
  • Edit objects : The components that make up a document can be modified. It is possible, for example, to move an image from one place to another, change its size, or rotate it, among other possibilities.
  • Protect PDF : If we want the document that we have just edited to not be able to be modified later, we only have to protect it with a password. With this, it will be possible to examine it, see its content, but it will never be possible to modify it.
  • Comment PDF : In the editing process it is possible to add notes, highlight specific areas or portions of content, mark, in order to make it more visible, a portion of text, or add comments, among other options.
  • Add stamps : With this option it is possible to add marks that serve for a better and faster modification of parts of the document.

The application also allows you to add  watermarks and add drawings directly, using the included editor for it. It is also a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows.

To consider

Those responsible for the application tell us the following about it: « Meet  Icecream PDF Editor , a software that allows you to edit PDF files easier than ever. Access all the PDF editing tools and modes you need with the help of the smart tools panel. You can edit text, add notes, redact, protect files, manage pages, and much more with the PDF editor. Learn how to edit a PDF document without complications! «.


To get this application you have to access Icecream PDF Editor . Supported languages ​​include Spanish. In addition to the free version there is a Pro version with more features.