How to edit photos, create a collage and make a graphic design

We are talking about an online tool to edit photos, create a collage and create a graphic design. You just have to select the appropriate option to access each section.

You are not satisfied with how the photo you just took with your mobile phone has turned out, but you do not want to throw it away . You would like to highlight some of the elements that compose it and you do not know how to do it.

You pass it to your computer in order to touch it up but the applications you have installed do not give you what you need. You are not an artist and you do not easily manage the tools for graphic design. What can you do?

retouched photographs

You see it frequently on billboards, magazines, and newspapers. They are retouched photographs that become authentic works of art, closer to a painting than to an image obtained with a digital or analog camera. There are a few applications capable of modifying photos and, using the appropriate tools, turning them into artistic images.

online publisher

iPiccy is a free online application capable of transforming any photo into a work of art easily, without complications. You just have to start the editor to bring your creation to a good end. From there, perform the following steps:

  • Upload a photo from your computer, from a web hosting (by typing its URL), from a digital camera or starting from scratch.
  • Immediately a screen will be displayed with all the tools included in this type of program. The Effects tab allows you to access a set of options, classified into categories, that will help us convert the photo into a painting. You have all the effects there have been and to have.
  • We can add texts or make drawings on the image, to give it a personal touch.
  • When you finish tweaking, click Save & Share to download it to your computer or share it with friends using the URL provided.

The makers of the tool tell us this about the photo editor: « iPiccy has many powerful and easy-to-use photo editing tools right in your browser. One-click auto fit photos, crop, rotate and resize images in no time. 100+ PRO level photo effects and photo enhancements, face retouching and frames. This is definitely the best place for your photos! «


With iPiccy you will also be able to compose original collages from the images you provide. You just have to click on the link that appears on the home page of the tool. You have a large number of models, from basic to advanced, with original shapes.

Here’s what the folks at iPiccy tell us about the collage maker: « Create stunning photo collages with the innovative iPiccy collage maker. Numerous templates and settings make the creation process easy and really fun! Change the collage template, background color, size, cell roundness and much more to build a real masterpiece in seconds! «

Graphic design

And there are still more. There is also the possibility of using one of the most user-friendly tools for graphic design. With it it is possible to add text, overlays and stickers. Vector masks and unique text designs can be applied to make original creations.


To get what we indicate, access iPiccy . You will find that the tool or tools available to you are easy to use. Everything you achieve will be based on your creative abilities. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to try, it will not cost you anything.