How to ENCRYPTE USB With Bitlocker in Windows 10

Using a Pendrive is a very useful resource since it allows us to comfortably transport a large amount of information . The problem is that there is always the possibility of losing the contents of the USB and that it contains sensitive data. That is why, to avoid this type of situation, today in MrAppsGeek you will learn how to encrypt a Usb with Bitlocker in Windows 10 easily and quickly .

What does it mean to encrypt a USB and what is it for?

It is a way to encode a Pendrive , in this way the information contained in it will be encrypted and cannot be accessed by 3 third parties .

What is Bitlocker and what is it for?

It is a security program that is present implemented in Windows operating systems . This tool helps us to codify access to information by third parties in case of loss or theft .

What do I need to encrypt a USB with Bitlocker?

You will need a computer with Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PRO (the Home version does not have it) and a USB memory which we want to encrypt .

How Bitlocker Works Step By Step ?

To encrypt a free USB memory with Bitlocker , the first thing we must do is go to the search bar and write the following:

  1. Bitlocker .
  2. Then we will go to where it says “Manage Bitlocker” .

Once inside the program we will have to choose the unit that we want to encrypt, it can be a hard drive, SSD or even a Pendrive . Obviously as the tutorial is focused on USB encryption we will choose the Pen .

Now we must choose how we want to unlock the unit, for this we will fill in the following sections:

  1. Use password to unlock drive .
  2. We write the password.
  3. We confirm the password.
  4. We click on “Next” .

This section is very important since we must carefully choose the way to save the backup copy of the recovery key . In this way, in case of not remembering our password, we can always access the encrypted USB drive with a recovery key . We will have 3 ways to save it:

  1. Save in our Microsoft account.
  2. Save to a file.
  3. Print the recovery key.

Once one of the 3 is selected, we will give you the following:

Now we will have 2 options to encrypt the information on the USB, I recommend only encrypting the space used in this way the process will be much faster . Once this option is selected, we will click on “Next” .

Now it will ask us what encryption mode we want, it is best to use the compatibility mode , then we will click on the following.

Finally we click on “Start Encryption” .

How long it takes ?

The encryption of the USB drive with Bitlocker will begin , this process can take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the amount of information stored on the Pendrive .

How to decrypt USB with Bitlocker

Do you remember the recovery key you saved ? Well, it is what you need to decrypt a USB encrypted with Bitlocker .

That is why it is vitally important that you save this document or else you will not be able to recover all the information .

If you have any doubts or questions you can always leave me a comment, I will try to answer. Do not forget to share this tutorial with other people who may find this article useful , in this way you can help them… Thank you very much for everything!