How to enter CHROME WEB STORE ?

Do you want to know how to install extensions in Google Chome ? Well, this would be like building a house from the roof? Since first of all you should learn to enter the Chrome Web Store (which is here where the extensions are downloaded). Luckily, I will explain it to you in this step-by-step Windows tutorial in a very simple way so that you understand how the Chrome Web Store works in Spanish .

What is the Chrome Web Store and what is it for?

Chrome Web Store is the official Google Chrome store where we can download extensions for Chrome for free . Thanks to this we can add new features to the Google browser that does not come standard .

How to enter the Chrome Web Store?

The first thing we must do to enter the Chrome Web Store is go to the Google Chrome browser and click on the 3 vertical points in the upper right as in the photo. A small menu will open with several options, the one we are interested in is “More tools” , we enter inside. A submenu will not appear again, we enter where it says “Extensions” .

Open Chrome Web Store

Now we will see that in Google Chrome at the bottom right it says “Open Chrome Web Store” , we enter inside.

It is here where we will have our Chrome Web Store in Spanish to enjoy the extensions in Google Chrome for free . To do this, we only have to look at the left side to see a whole list of extensions and themes for Windows .

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