How to Filter Apps by Rating in Play Store

The Google application store is undoubtedly a Market where we can find a wide variety of games and applications for the Android operating system. The problem is that according to the AppBrain website, there are currently 3,046,641 applications or games that we can download from this platform. That said, it would be great to have some method to “separate the wheat from the chaff”, in this way we can find real jewels in an easier and more comfortable way and the truth is that it can be done. That is why, today in MrAppsGeek you will learn to filter applications and games by score in the Play Store in order to install those that are really worth it.

Why Is It Important To Know How To Find Games And Applications By Score In The Play Store?

The answer is simple and that is that among 3,046,641 apps you will find a lot of garbage , in fact, according to Appbrain , the percentage between low-quality applications and games is around 16% total . Luckily, Google Play has a powerful rating system in which we can rate a game or an application with a scale that goes from 1 (if it’s bad) to 5 if it’s excellent. That is why we will show you how to use this rating system step by step below .

How to Filter Applications by Score in Google Play Store Step by Step 2023

What you are going to learn now is to find applications and games whose rating is higher than 4 stars, in this way you will be able to find authentic jewels in the Google Play application store . To do this, the first thing we must do is enter the Google Market and press the search engine (right where it says “Search applications and games”).

  1. Now in the search engine we write “Applications” if you want to search for apps or if we want to know which games have the best score in the Play Store we will put “Games” .
  2. Finally we will click on “Search” .

How To Filter Apps By More Than 4 Stars In Google Play Store 2023

Now we will notice that at the top of the screen there are star rating filters, we can choose to filter the applications by ratings greater than 4 stars in their corresponding section.

Finally, we will look right at the bottom of each application in the average score of the same, if we have followed the previous steps to the letter we will see that only apps with a score of more than 4 stars will appear.

Finally, it should be noted that you can follow this method to find out what games and applications Google Play Pass offers , in this way you will know if it is worth signing up for the subscription or unsubscribing if they do not add new content.

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