How to Filter Emails in Gmail by Size Easy and Fast

As you well know from 2021 Google will limit its storage space in the cloud to only 15 Gb , this includes all the multimedia content that we have both in Google Photos, Drive and Gmail . That is why it is very important to have plenty of free space below 15 Gb and a good way to do it is to filter emails in Gmail by size to be able to delete those that are not useful and thus freeing up a large amount of memory from the limited 15 Gb offered by Google. Don’t worry, the procedure is very simple and in MrAppsGeek you will learn how to do it step by step.

How to See My Gmail Storage Easy and Fast 2023

The first thing we should do before freeing up space in Gmail is to see the amount of memory occupied by our emails. In this way we will know if we still have available storage before reaching 15 Gb and finding out is as simple as consulting the following link:

Here we will have to see the storage capacity that we currently have in Gmail and not only that, we will also be able to see the total amount of memory that we have occupied by other tools such as Google Drive or Photos. As you can see, I am using 12.96 Gb out of 15 Gb and only 0.79 Gb are emails, so below I will tell you a trick to sort Gmail emails by size and thus be able to free up space by deleting emails that are not useful.

How to Free Up Space in My Gmail Account Step by Step 2023

The first thing we must do is go to the section that says “Search Mail” in the main Gmail tray.

How to Sort Gmail Emails by Size 2023

To proceed to filter all the emails in our inbox by size we must follow these steps:

  1. In “Search Email” we put the following “larger:4m” (without quotes) , where the number refers to the number of megabytes occupied by each email. In this case, for example, it would be “Show emails that weigh more than 4 megabytes” .
  2. We select those emails that are old, useless or that we have simply read.
  3. We select the delete icon .
  4. Once deleted, they will be sent to the trash can in which we will have to enter to eliminate them permanently .
  1. We go into the trash can.
  2. We select the emails to delete forever .
  3. We click on “Delete Permanently” .

If we check our storage again, we will see that we now have more free memory, in my case I have been able to save space in Gmail around 600 Mb .

And in this simple way we can get more storage capacity in Gmail . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer if I have time. You can also support us by sharing this content through your social networks, that helps me a lot to keep bringing more content like this. Thank you for everything!