How To Find GTA JetPack Filter On Instagram

One of the things I like most about Instagram is the ability of this Social Network to add filters to improve our content . Some of them can be very interesting, such as Cartoon Face or the Squid Game . However, there are not a few users who usually complain that the Instagram filters do not work out however, here we have already given you a possible solution for this. But going back to the topic, today we are meeting to talk about a very little known effect on this Social Network and that is that I am more than sure that you did not know that there is the possibility of adding the GTA JetPack filter on Instagram . Yes, the jetpack of the franchisemost famous from the RockStar Games company . So if you want to know how to get it, you just have to follow the instructions that we offer you in this tutorial of MrAppsGeek , don’t miss it!

What Is The Instagram GTA Jetpack Filter?

It is an effect that allows you to see the JetPack from GTA San Andreas with augmented reality in your living room using Instagram.

How To Search The GTA JetPack Filter On Instagram Easy and Fast 2023

To locate it we will need to enter our account from the official application and once inside we will have to create a new Instagram story.

In the next section we will have to select the camera icon in order to have access to it.

Now we will focus on a part of the floor of our home, once we are ready we will proceed to select the option to search for filters .

We will select the search icon from the effects gallery .

Here we will write “JetPack” and all the videos that the content creators have made using this effect will appear. We will proceed to select the effect called GTA Jetpack by yadjager (if it is not available you can always choose another).

Using GTA Rocket Backpack Filter On Instagram 2023

If you have followed the previous steps correctly we will see how a 3D GTA jetpack will appear in our living room .

Finally, we will only have to give it a try to see the effect and create our Instagram story with the GTA San Andres JetPack .

If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, don’t forget that you can share this tutorial with other people through your social networks. Thanks for your time!.