How to Fix a WET SPEAKER 【Easy and Fast】

One of the most harmful things for electronic devices is undoubtedly water, since liquids are highly corrosive to electronic elements , cause short circuits and are very harmful to other types of elements such as sensors or even speakers . And it is precisely for this last reason that you have come to this tutorial because you have a speaker that has gotten wet and sounds low or simply not even heard . This can undoubtedly be very frustrating since to fix a wet speaker the first thing that comes to mind is to call a technician. luckily they existapplications that will help you unclog and eliminate water from a speaker and the truth is that in many cases they will avoid spending money on a technical service , in MrAppsGeek we teach you how to solve this problem easily and quickly.

The speaker of my mobile phone has gotten wet. How do I fix it?

It has happened to all of us at some time that either due to humidity or because we have dropped our Smartphone into the water, it has ended up spoiling us. In the MrAppsGeek we already saw some tricks to recover wet mobiles , if you have not read it we advise you to read it:

The fact is that it is possible to recover a mobile from the water but the problem comes when after checking that it turns on you realize that the call speaker does not work or the mobile speaker simply sounds cracked . Luckily there are applications that allow you to repair this essential element of these devices, we will see how it works below.

How to fix a wet mobile speaker 2023

Although you can’t create it, you can use an app to repair a wet speaker , specifically we are going to use one called “Expel Water” which has more than 500,000 visits and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play Store , so the success range of this speaker repair app is assured.

Download Expel Water App

You can download this application for free directly from the Play Store through the following link .

How to repair a wet speaker easy and fast 2023

The operation of this type of applications always follow the same pattern, generating noises at various frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 Khz that make your speaker work to the maximum. In this way, the vibrations produced at these frequencies expel moisture and water adhering to the loudspeaker .

How does it work

Once we have the app we must open it and we will see a screen that says:

Use when water has entered the speaker of your Smartphone and the sound seems muffled.

We will hit the central icon that says “Expel the Water” .

  1. We will have to be patient while the application does its job (it can make very unpleasant and annoying sounds).
  2. Increase the volume to maximum .

Finally, you can now lower the volume and check if the speaker works again, if not, repeat the process as many times as necessary .

You already know what to do when water enters the speaker of your Smartphone . And has it worked for you? You can tell your experience below in the comment box. Do not forget to share this article if it has been useful… Thank you very much!