How to fix “Ad serving has been limited” in Adsense

The other day a well-known person who is a content editor received the following message in his Adsense account “The Ads Service Has Been Limited” , the problem with this message is that once it appears you run out of ads in the entire account and therefore in all online projects linked to it, so it is really a serious problem. That is why below in MrAppsGeek we will explain the advice that we gave to this person with whom he recovered the ads from his account in 6 days .

Why Has Adsense Sent Me An Email Notifying Me That The 2023 Ad Service Has Been Limited?

The exact reason why Adsense usually limits ads in the account is not known for sure , we only received a very ambiguous and generic message that says the following:

Once inside we find the following message:

The Adsense problem lies in the difficulty of contacting technical support and the generics of what these messages are. However, if there is something we can make clear, it is that this problem is related to the following issues:

  • Invalid traffic: You have sent traffic from Facebook, very low quality social networks or you have entered your websites too many times, registering many ad impressions from your PC .
  • You have a very high CTR: A high click-through rate can encourage invalid clicks which can lead to your account being temporarily disabled.

The fact is that if you follow the advice that I am going to indicate below, it is possible that the ads will be returned to you in less than 30 days , however this may vary depending on the case.

Issues Related to Invalid Traffic

When we talk about invalid traffic we mean:

  • Paid traffic: Do not pay to send traffic to your website, they are usually very low quality visits.
  • Social traffic: As much as the experts say, Google likes organic traffic and not social traffic. This is because, as a general rule, social traffic has a high bounce rate and favors the rise of invalid clicks.
  • Do not enter your own websites: Entering your own websites is normal but this will cause ad impressions in your own account so the Google Adsense bot could understand that you have an excess of ad impressions from your same IP . In fact, this was the reason for the limitation of this person’s account, he had a problem on one of his websites and had to enter repeatedly causing excessive impressions of his own ads with his IP. Within a few hours, Adsense limited his account’s ads .

If the number of ads that can be displayed has been limited, then we will give you a series of tips that you must follow to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Don’t Click Your Own Ads

This is the first rule that you must follow, never click on your own ads , this is the first basic rule that you must follow to be part of the Google Adsense publishers. Never ever click on your ads or ask anyone to do them for you , Google knows everything and will limit the ads you can show and in other cases it can even ban your account.

Install A Google Analytics Blocker So Your Own Visits Are Not Tracked

In case you visit your websites a lot because you generate a lot of content, always use an analytics blocker to prevent your visitors from registering. Also install an ad blocker so that your website does not generate ad impressions that could confuse the Adsense bot.

Download Block Yourself from Analytics

You can install this Google Analytics blocker in the form of a Google Chrome extension.

Use An Ad Blocker So You Don’t Get Ad Impressions

You can install Adblock Plus as a Google Chrome extension.

Don’t Share Content On Facebook

Never share content on Facebook until the organic visits are notable and greatly exceed that of social networks.

Don’t Buy Traffic

Buying traffic in Adwords, Facebook Ads or similar, is against Google Adsense policies and could limit the ads in your account due to invalid traffic.

Do you have High CTR? Remove ADSs That Give You Less Performance

Another very likely reason why they may limit the ads in your Adsense account is having a CTR that is too high . So it would be highly recommended to download it, for this you can always limit the impressions by removing the ADS that give you less performance on each website . In this way you will lower the number of impressions, CTR and may even increase the CPC since by having fewer ads the advertiser’s bid will be higher.

If you follow these basic rules, it is possible that the Adsense “ad service has been limited” message will disappear, although as a general rule, despite the fact that the Ads are returned, this message takes days to disappear, so you just have to be patient and follow the rules and policies of Adsense.

If you want you can comment on your experience with the recovery of ads from your account and if it has been possible, this will help other users with the same problem. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks, that allows me to continue developing more content like this. Thank you for your help!