How to Fix Has Stopped

And we continue once again with our dictionary of Android errors . These past few days we have seen the following problems and their possible solutions: Google Play has stopped , Google Play server error , android.process.acore , , among others. Today we are going to see the solution to the following error message has stopped . What Is

This is a very characteristic and common error that usually happens after installing a new ROM or updating our Android operating system . This causes the “media process” that manages the device to end up giving the famous error has stopped working . Luckily you have come to the right place and we are going to see the possible solutions for this common error.

How to Fix

We are going to see several methods to solve this error.

Method 1 Clear Cache Of The Downloads Application

Many of the times that we see the error has stopped is due to poor download management . Whether it is a download from the Android or Google Play browser , the fact is that the download application is corrupted, so a possible solution is to clear the cache of said app.

Clear App Cache Downloads

This is a very simple process, you just have to go to “Settings” . Then look for the section that says “Applications” , click on it.

Now in the “All” section we look for “download manager” , “download” or “downloads” (the name may vary from one device to another).

Delete Data And Clear Cache

Once inside “Download” press “Storage space” .

And within this section we delete data and cache .

Method 2 Factory Restore Mobile

If the previous method has not worked for you, you can always restore the mobile to the factory with this tutorial. The only drawback is that you will lose all your data . VIRUS

I strongly recommend that you do not put in Google “” , because some smart has bought a domain with extension “.media” (instead of .com) . Why? So that when you do a Google search with “” you enter a website with VIRUSES called android.process.MEDIA . You can easily check this with the footprints or search command “site:” , putting the following in the Google search engine :


You will get a beautiful website full of viruses indexed in Google , do not enter because when I looked for information to create this article it was the first thing I did and I got a window full of viruses on my mobile . I thought it was infected and it’s not… it ‘s a SPAM website with that name .

I hope these solutions to have been useful to you, as always you can leave me a comment. Don’t forget to share and thanks for reading.