How to Fix Busy Network When Calling on Android Easy and Fast

Android is one of the most popular telephone operating systems of the moment. In each update they improve an aspect that they have been left unsaid on previous occasions. Although there is an error that is still present: the mobile network busy when calling.

Next, we are going to see how to solve the Android busy network warning when calling.

What Does Busy When Calling Mean? 2023

The busy line when calling can mean several things, that the phone we have called is receiving a call or that our device or that of the person receiving the call is without coverage.

This problem occurs in Android with this second case. The coverage that the mobile has will depend on the telephone company, at the moment in which we enter a place with little coverage the device signal goes away . The fact that the signal goes out implies that it is not possible to make a call.

Previously, mobiles emitted a brief notification sound warning that the signal would soon go away, but the new mobiles do not integrate this. The user does not find out that he has lost the signal until he turns on the mobile and sees that in the signal bars at the bottom, he does not have any.

Why when I call I get Busy Network? 2023

This can happen for many different reasons: non-payment of the mobile phone contract, abandonment of the contract with the phone company or a simple mistake in the company . It is also possible a physical failure of the mobile for which it does not read the SIM card correctly, it may be damaged or incorrectly inserted.

If it is not any of these reasons, it is a problem with the Android operating system , and now we are going to see how to solve it.

How to Fix Busy Network When Calling in Android 2023

If the “Network busy” notification appears when calling , the most common thing to do is to wait for better coverage to be able to make the call. Although, assuming there was an emergency and we needed to call urgently, waiting is not an option.

In that case, send a Whatsapp to any contact , hopefully there may be a second when the coverage works better and you can reach it. In any case, the mobile will try to send the message even without coverage, which will make it work to get more signal because it will think that you have incoming messages.

This is a good idea if there is not much coverage, unlike calls, once made, the device stops searching for a signal immediately. Instead, the message triggers the signal search despite the fact that it is difficult to receive a response, but it has a much better chance of reaching the recipient than a call.

Another option that can be taken into account is the voice mailbox . After call forwarding, many companies have a voice mailbox available, which works with coverage, but it would happen the same as with the text message; the phone goes into signal search.

If your phone still has no signal after waiting for a while, you don’t have to worry yet. This is a very common error that in most cases has nothing to do with the device itself, as soon as you have a signal again, the calls will stop being diverted.

In this case you can call another person that you know is with the recipient at that moment. If you manage to make the call, the recipient had the error and that’s why it tells you that you don’t have a network either. It is possible that the mobile was turned off or in some place too covered like a bag and it makes it difficult for the coverage to arrive.

The user will only have to restart the mobile so that it reads the SIM card again, or it may be that by moving from one place to another, it will automatically have a signal again. The probability of the error persisting is very low now, but there is still a chance that it goes through the phone company.

It is quite common for telephone companies to terminate a telephone line without sending any notification for reasons such as non-payment, breach of contract, or signal failure by the company. It is easy to check if it is a company error, if when you put the SIM card in another mobile and it works, the problem is not with the company (linked to the SIM card), but with the device.

Now the only thing to do is wait for the signal to come back. To do this, it can help to put yourself in a place clearer of vegetation or in an area that we know has better coverage. It may also help to restart the device in case it is a problem, but this does not ensure that you can detect the signal more easily.