How to fix connection error on Google Play

The Google application store is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any Android mobile. And it is that thanks to this Store we will be able to fill our Smartphone with a multitude of useful applications and mobile games that can entertain us at any part of the day. The problem is that this store is not perfect and is often linked to errors, since sometimes it uninstalls itself , the downloads are pending and other times it stops . However, one of the most representative problems is when there is a connection error in Google Play . But don’t worry that today MrAppsGeek will teach you how to solve it step by step.

Why do I get an error on the Google Play server?

If you see the following message: “There was an error establishing the connection to” , it is more than likely due to these circumstances.

What to do if an error occurs when connecting to

First of all, keep calm, if Google Play has connection problems you can follow the steps that I indicate below to try to solve this problem. Remember that if a method doesn’t work for you, just move on to the next one.

restart the mobile

The first piece of advice I give is to restart the mobile , it may seem simple but many of these errors are solved with a simple restart. Try it, you will not lose more than 1 minute, if after restarting it it still fails, go to the next method.

Update Google Play To The Latest Version

Always keep the Play Store updated to the latest version available , this will allow you to fix the Google Play connection error in most cases.

Update WebView To Latest Version

One of the reasons why Google Play has connection errors is that you do not have the latest update of the system Webview application . This app is essential and if you don’t have the latest version available, some applications like TikTok , Brawl Stars or Gmail could stop.

To have this element updated I advise you to follow these 2 tutorials:

Check Your Internet Connection

Is Google Play having internet connection issues? Well, what you should do is try to access the store from mobile data and even from different WiFi networks. In this way you will know if the error is due to problems in your network or Google servers.

It is also highly recommended that you perform an Internet speed test to check the status of your connection.

Check That Google Play Is Not Down Today 2023

Do you have an error when you start the Google Play session? Perhaps the servers are down at the moment but… how to find out? Well, with Downdetector you can know if the Play Store servers are currently working at the moment . You can check its official website through the following link .

Clear Play Store Data and Cache

If everything else hasn’t worked for you and the Google Play Store is still not working today 2023 , you may be experiencing problems with the application’s data and cache. Luckily we can delete the data from the Google Play Store and its cache to leave the store as we had it from the factory, thus solving any type of error.

To do so, the first step will be to enter the “Settings” of our phone.

On the next screen we enter the “Applications” section .

Here we will see a list with all the applications that we have installed on our device, as we will have to enter the Google Play Store .

On the next screen we will enter “Storage” .

How to Clear Data and Cache from Google Play Easy and Fast 2023

  1. We select the option clear the cache .
  2. We then delete the data.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose anything, all this action does is leave the Google Play Store as you had it the first time you turned on the phone , in this way any type of error linked to it will be solved.

How to Delete Data From Google Play Services Easy and Fast 2023

The next step will be to clear the cache of Google Play services by following these instructions:

  1. We enter “Settings” .
  2. Then in “Applications” .
  3. Within “Applications” we select “Google Play Services” .

We access “Storage” .

We select “Clear Data” .

  1. We delete all data.
  2. We clear the cache.

Again I remind you that deleting the data and the cache of the Google Play services does not lose anything, only the temporary files of the application linked to the same library are deleted.

Format Your Terminal

If the above solution hasn’t worked and the Play Store app has stopped unexpectedly , I’m sorry but the only solution left for you is to format your mobile. Remember to make a complete Android backup as you will lose all your information . Here is a tutorial where I explain the steps to follow.

I hope that with these solutions you have been able to solve the Play Store connection error , if this has happened you can leave a comment with your impressions and do not forget to share this tutorial with your friends and family through your social networks, that helps me a lot. . Thank you!.