The other day I was testing my new LeEco Mi Max 2 with my Movistar SIM , everything was going perfectly until I started getting a strange error when using my Android browser . And the fact is that while I was browsing web pages , I sometimes got the following message “No Subscription To Service 33” , apart from never having seen this error message, the truth is that it left me quite dismayed by what it I started to investigate to see a possible solution . So if you have the same question that I had, I invite you to stay until the end to discover how to solve it without subscribing to the service 33 .

Why does it appear without a subscription to the service 33 ?

The error message “no subscription to service 33” appears when your telephone company presents some type of problem on the line or it is saturated or without coverage . That is where that error comes from now we are going to see the possible solutions.

No Service Subscription 33 Solution

Now we are going to see several possible solutions to this annoying error. So if you are one of those who say “Wow! 33 does not appear on my cell phone without a subscription to the service , how is this to be fixed?”, I advise you to continue reading.

Verify APN Data

The first thing you have to do to rule out possible sources of error is to verify the APN data . You can take a look at this article to set any APN on Android . This error is usually very binding regarding a bad configuration of the APNs , so try to have them exactly as your mobile company exposes them .

Check if your data rate has been met

The error 33 without subscription to the service also usually appears when we spend all the megabytes of our rate and our company does not allow us to continue browsing with reduced speed . So check that you have megabytes left in the “chamber” is another of the possible solutions that we offer you.

Reboot Your Device

Yes, I know that it is not a very “PRO” solution to the problem but believe me when I tell you that a restart in most situations is “hand of saint” . There are many times when we spend days and days without restarting our terminal, accumulating processes and activities in the background that can cause problems such as: no subscription to the service 33 . So don’t think about it… Reboot!

Well, now you know what a subscription to the 33 service is and the possible ways to solve it. If you have any questions you can always comment your doubts below. Thanks for reading us.