How to FIX Wifi Authentication Error on Android

I remember that a few months ago they installed 100 megabytes of fiber optics at home to leave the old ADSL aside and get on the high-speed Internet train . The problem is that when I went to connect my Smartphone to my new router I received an unexpected error message , specifically I got a Wifi authentication error on Android . At first I thought… what does authentication error mean? , in fact I thought that this authentication problem would prevent me from connecting normally to my WiFi network , luckily I found a way to solve it. That is why I invite you to stay until the end to solve the Wifi authentication error on your mobile .

What is Authentication Error ?

This error occurs when the device tries to access a WiFi network and we cannot access it .

Why do I get WiFi Authentication Error?

In most cases it occurs because you enter the wrong password to access the router . So far so good, the WiFi authentication problem occurs because the system saves the password by default . That is why every time we want to connect, the message “WiFi Vodafone authentication error” appears (for example if you are from this company or similar).

SOLVE Wifi Authentication Error On Android

There are several ways to fix this error easily , in this article we will review the simplest and most common of all.

Enter Password Correctly

This is the easiest solution to get rid of the WiFi network authentication error message . It is likely that you have entered the password incorrectly and by default the system saves it for later automatic connection . To solve this we must go to the following path:

  • Settings>WiFi.

Once inside, we will see a list with all the WiFi networks that we have in our periphery. We will obviously have to enter ours.

Once again we re-enter our Network .

My Mobile Does Not Connect to WiFi Authentication Error (Solution)

Now all we have to do is click on “Forget” , in this way we will eliminate the misspelled WiFi password saved by default and we can re- enter the password again correctly .

Well, now you know the answer to the question “Why doesn’t my mobile connect to Wi-Fi?” . If you have any questions, I would appreciate it if you left me a comment below and please , do not forget to share this article with your social networks if it has been useful to you, that helps me a lot, thank you!