How to free up storage space in Windows 10

Freeing up storage space in Windows 10 is a very valuable feature that every user should take into account. Since many times after installing an update, a program or a game , the capacity of our hard drive suffers , which is why it is vitally important to know how to manage this limited resource . That is why today in MrAppsGeek we will see 3 ways to free up disk space with Windows 10 easily and quickly .

3 Methods To Clear Storage Space In Windows 10

Below we will explain 3 ways to increase the storage space on your computer , some will be very obvious, others… you may not know them so much.

Empty Recycle Bin

Yes, sending a file to the recycle bin does not delete the file itself . It simply sends it to a preliminary storage area where over time the files will be permanently deleted from the disk . That is why one way to free up space in Windows is to delete the contents of the recycle bin .

To delete the recycle bin you just have to click with the right mouse button and click on “Empty” .

Free Up Space By Activating Storage Sense

Another way to increase the available space on our hard drive is to activate the storage sensor . In this way the computer will constantly monitor the files that are not used and consume space, in this way you can delete them . However, we can always configure it manually so that it deletes specific .

Enable Storage Sense in Windows 10

To enable this automatic space cleaner in Windows 10 we must go to “Start” and then to “Cortana” .

Once inside “Cortana” we must write “Storage” (without quotes) and enter the first result.

Once inside we must enable the corresponding tab, in this way Windows can free up space automatically by getting rid of files that you do not need, such as temporary files and contents of your recycle bin.

Free Up Space Now In Windows

From the “Storage Sensor” window we can access a section called “Free Up Space Now” which will allow us to considerably increase the storage on our SSD hard drive .

Once inside we will be able to indicate the different elements that we want to eliminate permanently and in this way free up space on our PC . We can even clean up Windows updates, something very useful since over time they take up a lot of space. Once the corresponding sections have been selected, we will click on “Remove Files” .

I hope you liked these 3 methods to free up space on your hard drive , if you know of any other that I have not mentioned, leave it to me in the comments, so I can update the list. Do not forget that you can share this content with your social networks , that will help me to do more work like this…