How to generate a favicon for a website

The correct name is favicon . I am referring to those small images that serve to define a website. Long ago, when mobile devices did not yet exist, or did not have the importance they have today, there was only one favicon , the one that appeared in the tab that corresponds to the open web. Today everything has changed. That single image is no longer enough, others are necessary.

If your website is perfectly prepared for mobile devices, you will need, in addition to the classic favicon , those that correspond to iPhone and iPad devices, Android phones and tablets , and all types and models of mobile devices. To achieve all of them, we need to create them one by one and integrate them into the pages of the site, or use a tool like the one we propose below.

What does Real Favicon Generator offer ?

Real Favicon Generator is a service that helps you create the images that define each favicon . The system also provides the necessary HTML code for its integration into the pages. So you can easily create those that correspond to the web browser installed on any computer, with Windows, macOS or Linux, the one that can be included on the home screen of an iOS or Android device, as well as the one that any user inserts in the toolbar. windows tasks.


After entering Real Favicon Generator you can start by starting a test using the image that they propose. If you are satisfied with the results, decide to include your own image, which must have a minimum size of 70×70 pixels, although if you want to obtain good results, the size must be 260×260.

You will enter a screen in which you will be asked for the necessary elements, such as the images, the background color or the size of the margin for the favicon for iOS and Android. You should follow similar settings for Windows. In each case you will be able to generate the appropriate favicon , as well as activate the process of creating all of them and the HTML code.

To consider

This is what the people behind the Real Favicon Generator tell us :

“With so many platforms and icons, it’s hard to know exactly what to do. What are the dimensions of favicon.ico? How many touch icons do I need? Real Favicon Generator did the analysis and testing for you.”

“Each platform comes with its own design requirements. You can’t use the same image everywhere. Real Favicon Generator knows this and allows you to create your icon deck.


To use the tool you have to access Real Favicon Generator .