How to Get Windows Hardware and Resource Information

Obtaining information about the PC , knowing all the applications that are running in the background, is essential to achieve a high performance of the system. Wise System Monitor is an application that acts as a resource and hardware monitor for a computer running Windows.

This tool divides system information into three parts, namely Process Monitor , Hardware Monitor , and Operating System . On the Process Monitor tab , you can keep track of all the tasks running in the background. On the Hardware Monitor tab , you can check most of your system’s specifications. By referring to the majority we want to indicate that this software does not display certain information about the GPU.

What does Wise System Monitor offer?

It is an application, as we have already hinted, that deals with offering a simple way to control the use of memory, the use of the CPU, all the running processes and the information of the main hardware component of your pc. Since it knows what is consuming your RAM and CPU, which part of your PC is overheating, you can manage them accordingly to ensure the functionality of your computer .

As the makers of this app tell us, Process Monitor provides   users with a clear and ordered list of all processes run by the user and the system, along with CPU and memory consumption rate and data transfer details. data. Users can close any process that is not necessary for the PC to run smoothly on the interface of Wise System Monitor . Better yet, users can check real-time network connectivity and upload/download speed of each process .

Hardware Monitor shows the information of the main hardware components such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, SSD, network card and sound card. Among the hardware specifications, there is also the real-time temperature of the four most prominent hardware: motherboard, CPU, graphics card, and hard drive. The operating system displays accurate and detailed information about the Windows system being used .

To consider

If we want to know the speed of the Internet, we only have to examine the floating window that appears in the lower right part. In addition to speed, it also shows memory usage, CPU usage, and core component temperatures. It is necessary to avoid by all means that the temperature is high to achieve a good performance.

Wise System Monitor is a small program that consumes very few system resources, which is why it is ideal for keeping it running. It works on all versions of the operating system, from Windows XP to Windows 10.


To get this application you have to access Wise System Monitor . You can make a free download of it and use it without problems.