How to HIBERNATE Android APPS Without ROOT

There are times when we wonder why my cell phone spends so much battery? . The answer to this question may be a bit ambiguous, however you should know that there are many application processes that can wake up your Smartphone and activate it even if it is turned off. That is why, sometimes it is highly recommended to hibernate applications , in this way we can leave them in rest mode so that they are not continuously activated .

What Is Hibernating Applications And What Is It For?

When we talk about hibernating apps on Android , we mean freezing apps in the background to prevent them from reopening and thus consuming battery life. However, except for a series of circumstances, they can be reactivated , such as when receiving a notification and then fall into hibernation again to save maximum battery life .

How to hibernate apps on android

There are 2 ways to hibernate apps in the background , the most efficient would be on rooted devices , although today we are going to focus on how to hibernate apps WITHOUT ROOT , since not everyone knows how to root a phone .

How to HIBERNATE Android APPS Without ROOT

To hibernate applications without ROOT we are going to download an application called Hibernator .

Download Hibernator APK

You can download hibernator directly from Google Play from the following link.

How Hibernator Works

In the following video we can see how to use hibernator for Android .

To hibernate applications on Android without ROOT , we must go to the “Running Apps” section , point to the app that we want to hibernate and click “Add to custom list” .

We go to “Selected Apps” and click on the “Play” icons , as in the photo.

A percentage will appear with the applications that are being hibernated , this process will take a few seconds.

And now we know how to hibernate Android applications without ROOT easily and quickly .

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