How to HIDE CONNECTION on Instagram Android

Privacy is a very precious commodity that seems to be rarely present in social networks , in the MrAppsGeek we already saw how to download our Instagram profile and we also talked about how to know if Facebook has shared our data . Today, however, we are going to talk From one of the functions added to one of the social networks that is in fashion lately, we will show you how to hide a connection on Instagram .

Hide Activity Status On Instagram

Why would we want to hide our activity status ? Well, precisely for this reason… To avoid being seen connected to Instagram . This is very useful because if you are very active in said social network you will be able to enter without being seen which gives rise to the user’s privacy .

How to Hide Connection on Instagram 2023

To prevent him from seeing you connected on Instagram , the first thing you should obviously do is… Enter said social network .

Once inside our Histories we must look at the bottom right, we must press the icon to enter our profile .

Now in our profile we look at the top right that there are 3 vertical points, we will click on them and we will enter an extensive menu.

Instagram Settings

There is less left to know how to hide connection on Instagram , to do this, you must lower this menu until you come across the “Privacy and security” section .

Hide Activity Status

Now just a little further down we find a section that says “Activity status” , we enter inside.

We will see an activated tab that says:

“Allow accounts you follow and people you’ve messaged to see the last time you’ve been active on the Instagram apps . If you turn this option off, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other accounts .”

We just have to deactivate it and that’s it .

Well now you know how to disable the last connection on Instagram on Android . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, thanks for your time and I hope you share this article with your social networks, see you soon.