How to hide ONLINE AND WRITING IN WhatsApp

If you are a lover of privacy and use WhatsApp, I am sure that at some point you have seen yourself in the situation of wanting to send a message without being online . And let’s be honest, this messaging client, despite being a fairly useful tool, also stresses you out a lot. In fact, I myself was at a time when I deleted WhatsApp for a few months because it simply overwhelmed me. However, today there are tricks with which you can safeguard your privacy and that is why today the MrAppsGeek will teach you how to hide online and writing in WhatsApp .

How to hide online and writing in WhatsApp 2023

To hide typing and online , all we have to do is download an application called Flychat with which we can see notifications in bubble format and even be able to manage them without having to enter the application. In this way we can hide the online status and writing in WhatsApp easily and quickly .

Download Flychat Free 2023

You can download Flychat for WhatsApp for free directly from the Google application store through the following link .

How to use flychat with whatsapp 2023

The first thing we must do when opening Flychat is to activate the required permissions of “Receive Notifications” and “System Overlay” .

Once inside notifications we activate the Flychat tab .

In “Show on other Apps” we must activate the box that says “Allow to show on other applications” .

How to configure Flychat for WhatsApp

Once we have the 2 necessary permissions, to use Flychat in WhatsApp we must have enabled the corresponding box for this messaging client.

Now all the messages that they send us will appear in a floating bubble on the right , thanks to this we will have the possibility of answering them through Flychat without having to enter WhatsApp so we can hide our online status and writing as you can see in the following image.

You already know how Flychat works to be able to answer WhatsApp messages without appearing online or writing . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I will try to solve it as soon as possible… Thank you very much!