WhatsApp surprises us week after week with new features to compete with Telegram and Line . Today we are going to see a new option that it offers us in the latest version 2.18.159 , which you can download from here , today we can wait for it to be officially incorporated into the Play Store. With this option we can hide the photo gallery in WhatsApp .

Why Hide The Photo Gallery In Whatsapp?

Let’s face it, many times they send us quite undesirable photos and videos and we don’t always have the function of automatically downloading photos and videos deactivated . That is why, if someone takes our Smartphone, they can see photos that we do not want them to see, which is why we can now hide WhatsApp images .

How to Hide the Photo Gallery in WhatsApp 2023

The first thing we must do is enter our favorite messaging client . Once inside we look at the top right, click on the 3 vertical dots .

Now a menu will appear, of the different options the one that interests us is “Settings” , click on it.

Hide Photos Whatsapp Gallery

Now we have to access the “Data And Storage” option , once located we enter inside.

Media File Visibility

At the bottom we will see the following option.

Show Media Files In Gallery

“Show All Downloaded Media Files In Gallery Outside Whatsapp”.

We deactivate it and that’s it we already know how to hide the photo gallery in the application .

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