How to Hide Taskbar Icons in Windows 10

It has happened to everyone that with the passage of time, our Windows 10 becomes heavier and heavier and not only because of the number of updates , but also because of the enormous amount of programs that we are adding to the taskbar. . This can undoubtedly be very frustrating since you can end up having a long row of icons lined up next to the date and time that instead of helping it is annoying. That is why, in today’s MrAppsGeek chapter, you will learn how to hide the icons on the taskbar in Windows 10 so that the lower part of your operating system looks as minimalist as possible.

How to Hide Taskbar Icons in Windows 10 Step by Step 2023

To hide the icons on the Windows 10 taskbar, the first thing we must do is press the following key combination :

  • Windows + I.

This will take us to the “Windows Settings” , once inside we will see many options, however, the only one that matters is “Personalization” . Once located we enter inside.

The next thing we will do is focus our attention on the left side of the screen until we locate “Taskbar” , once we locate it we will enter inside.

How to Hide Taskbar Icons in Win 10 2023

Now we will focus on the right part of the screen, we will scroll down a bit until we reach the “Notification Area” . If we look a little further down, an option appears that says “Select the Icons that will appear on the Taskbar” we click this section with the mouse.

How to remove the icons of running programs in the taskbar 2023

Now we will see that all the icons that appear at the bottom of the screen are because they have the tab activated. To remove them from tasks we must do the following:

  1. We are deactivating the icons that we want to make disappear.
  2. We will see how the bar gradually disappears.

And this would be the result, as soon as we deactivate the tabs, they will disappear from the bottom of the screen as can be seen in the photo.

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