How to Hire Disney Plus Easy and Fast

Hiring Disney Plus is already possible in Spain , take advantage because with your subscription you will have a week to try the service completely free and if you are not convinced you can always unsubscribe without being charged . That is why throughout this tutorial we will teach you how to sign up for Disney + in 4 steps , all explained quickly and easily .

What is Disney + and what is it for?

It is a new streaming service platform that aims to compete with others already well positioned in the sector such as HBO or Netflix . This entertainment platform is characterized by having a large catalog of Disney movies and series as well as any kind of content to which the company has the rights, such as: Marvel movies, Star Wars or even The Simpsons .

What Content Does Disney Plus Have?

The Disney + catalog is quite extensive, since we will have all the movies and series whose rights have been purchased by Disney, such as:

  • All Pixar movies .
  • The entire Star Wars universe .
  • All seasons of The Simpsons.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe .
  • And of course all the great Disney classics (movies and series).

How much does Disney+ cost?

The service has 2 subscriptions:

  1. Monthly for €6.99 (7 ​​days FREE trial) .
  2. Annual €69.99 (16% discount).

How many users per account can Disney Plus have?

For each account you can create up to 7 user profiles .

How Many Simultaneous Users Can One Account Have?

Despite having the possibility of creating 7 user profiles, Disney + can only be viewed simultaneously on 4 devices simultaneously .

What do I need to watch Disney Plus?

Well, any kind of device that allows access to the platform, such as: a PC, Smartphone , Console or Smart TV .

Download Free Disney Plus App

You can download the Disney + app for free directly from its corresponding app store at:

How to Hire Disney Plus for Free (7-Day Trial)

The first thing you must do to sign up for Disney + is to access its official page through the following link .

Once inside we must click on the section that says “7 Day Free Trial” .

How to Sign Up for Disney + in 4 Steps

Next we will leave you 4 steps to register in Disney Plus in an easy and fast way .

  1. The first one will be to enter our email with which we want to register .
  2. Once the first step is completed, we click on “Continue” .

Then we must accept the terms of the subscription contract .

  1. We enter a password linked to our new account .
  2. We click on “Continue” .

Now we must choose a subscription period and a payment method, remember that if you choose the monthly period you will have 7 days of free trial which you can cancel at any time if the service is not to your liking without being charged .

  1. Choose the monthly modality €6.99 .
  2. The payment method PayPal is preferable since it is more secure (they will charge you an additional 1 euro).

And that’s it, you know what the process to subscribe to Disney Plus is like, so all that remains is for you to leave a comment below with your impressions of this service . Do you think it is better than Netflix or worse? . Do not forget that your support is very important, that is why you would help me a lot if you share this tutorial with your social networks…