How to insert PDF access icons on a website, and more…

It is not necessary that we return to highlight the benefits offered by the PDF format when preparing documents. In 2008, the company Adobe Systems created it as a valid standard for all types of computing platforms, computers and mobile devices. The documents created include text, images of all kinds, tables and other types of elements.

On many websites it can be very interesting to integrate access to a specific PDF document on one or more pages. To do this, you just have to access Insert PDF and proceed to embed an icon or a link in the desired place. For this we have to indicate the link to the PDF, make the selection, icon or link, and, from there, get the code to insert.

What does Smallpdf “Embed PDF” offer?

When site visitors click on the icon or text link they will be able to seamlessly browse the PDF document. It is a system protected with TLS encryption. As we have already hinted, it is very easy to integrate. Many individuals and companies currently have the icon inserted in their websites as an added value.

The insertion of the link can be carried out in all types of pages, regardless of the system with which they are built. So, for example, to do it on a website managed with WordPress you have to do the following:

  • After copying the link that contains the PDF document, you just have to access the page that we have indicated in the second paragraph.
  • After selecting the preview of the PDF icon, image or text, you have to click on the Copy PDF button .
  • Before carrying out the pressing indicated in the previous section, it is possible to carry out a preview and a test. So we will know how it will be.
  • After selecting an entry or page in the WordPress Administration Panel , you will have to add the code that has been obtained to a block of the type Insert HTML code .

To consider

In addition to what is indicated, in SmallPDF there are other tools focused on this format. All of them are very easy to handle and have great features. In principle, there is no need to download any application on the computer, all the tools are used online. In the list we can highlight the following:

  • Convert PDF to Word : Just add the PDF file to be converted on the corresponding page and activate the conversion process.
  • Join PDF : It is used to create a document from several.
  • Convert images to PDF : This is another typical conversion. Convert image files to PDF, supporting the most popular: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIG and TIFF.
  • Sign PDF : It is something very common, they have just sent us a PDF document or we have prepared one and we have to sign it. You just have to create a signature and use it in the documents you want.
  • Edit PDF : It is something that could not be missing: the creation and edition of PDF documents.
  • Compress PDF : Ideal for reducing the size of documents without there being a loss of quality.

In addition to what is indicated, it is also possible to use the following tools: conversion from PDF to different formats, convert from PPT to PDF and from PDF to PPT, convert from PDF to JPG, convert from EXCEL to PDF and from PDF to EXCEL, share files from PDF online, insert page numbers in PDF documents, delete pages from PDF document, rotate PDF, convert Word to PDF, split PDF document into several, unlock and also protect PDF document.


If at any time we need to use or convert one or more PDF documents, we already know what to do, access Smallpdf . Nor should we forget the proposal focused on Inserting PDF into a web page.

In addition to what is indicated, it is also possible to enjoy the indicated tools by installing an extension in the web browser. There are also apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. There is also an application for Windows computers that supports the use of the indicated tools.