How to install and uninstall applications remotely

You are responsible for a local network, a group of computers that you must keep in perfect working order. Surely every time you have to install (or uninstall) an application you do it with patience and time, from computer to computer.

You carry the software on a USB drive, a CD or a DVD, insert it into each computer and calmly proceed to install it. A bit heavy, right! For some time now, with EMCO Remote Installer you can make your work, at least in this aspect, lighter.

EMCO Remote Installer, to install or uninstall applications on a local network

It is an application designed in order to achieve the use and centralized configuration of software in a local network. It uses a user-friendly method for remote software distribution. If you are used to using complex methods, such as those implemented by GPO, SCCM and similar tools, don’t hesitate, with EMCO Remote Installer you will be pleasantly surprised.


There are two versions of the program, one free and one paid. These are the characteristics of each one:

  • Free Edition : It is a free tool with which you can remotely install and uninstall MSI packages on a single computer at a time. A set of inventory functions allows you to keep a history of everything that has been done on each of your PCs.
  • Professional Edition : This commercial version includes a series of functions that allow a complete audit of all installations and uninstallations of applications. The installation of MSI packages can be done on multiple computers at the same time, thanks to a single operation and complete customization options. Remote deployment tasks can be created, in order to perform actions manually or automatically.

To consider

The developers of this application tell us the following regarding the application: “ This remote deployment solution allows you to perform unattended installation and uninstallation of software on remote Windows PCs quickly and easily. You can use it to install and uninstall EXE setups and MSI/MSP packages remotely on or as selected Windows PCs, connected to a local network. Additionally, you can retrieve data about installed software from remote PCs, get aggregated software inventory reports, and track software changes .”


It is an application that works on the latest versions of Windows. To get it you have to access EMCO Remote Installer . Today an update of it has been presented.