How to Install Disney Plus on Windows 10 Easy

Disney Plus is a Streaming platform highly acclaimed by users as it allows us to watch a large cast of “house brand” movies and series as well as watch all the content from Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar . Such has been the case of its success that it already has more than 10 million downloads in each application store but… what about the PC? Can I install Disney Plus on Windows 10? . The answer is YES but with a trick that you will learn in MrAppsGeek .

Is there a Disney Plus app for PC?

No, you cannot install the Disney+ app on Windows 10 natively.

Disney+ Is Not Available For Windows 10

Currently you can download the application from the Microsoft Store from the following link but at the moment it is only valid for Xbox One . But this does not mean that it cannot be installed on PC with a trick that we will show you below.

How to install Disney Plus on Windows 10 step by step

There is a trick to be able to install the Disney + app on Windows 10 but for this we will need to download Microsoft Edge Chromium here is an installation tutorial and you can follow the instructions to install this Windows browser in this video.

The Edge Chromium browser has a very interesting option with which we can install Progressive Web Applications (PWA) . In this way we can create Web applications that can work independently of the browser.

How To Install Disney Web+ As A Web App

The first thing we must do is enter the official Disney Plus page from the Edge Chromium browser and do the following:

  1. We hit the 3 horizontal points on the top right .
  2. In the pop-up menu we click on “Applications” .
  3. Finally in the submenu we click on “Install this site as an application” .

A window will appear in which we can choose the name of the application. Once named, we can click Install and we will automatically see the Disney Plus app installed in the Windows 10 start menu .

How to Uninstall the Disney Plus App in Windows 10

To delete the Disney + app in Win 10 we just have to do the following:

  1. We enter the start menu .
  2. We point to the Disney + app and click the right mouse button.
  3. We click on “Uninstall” .

And that’s it, we already know how to put the Disney + app on Windows 10 quickly and easily . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I will try to answer. Do not forget to share this tutorial with your social networks, in this way you will help other people.