How to Install Doom 3 on Android 100% REAL

Playing Doom 3 on Android has been a dream I’ve had since I first played this game in 2004 . And it is that he has always brought me everything portable, from the PSP, Gameboy etc…. so I thought that I would never see this title run on a smartphone… until now.

Doom 3 came from the hand of id Software in 2004, I remember that it was too much for my recently released Pentium IV at 2.4 Ghz, 512 megabytes of Ram and my Nvidia FX5200 with 128 megabytes of ram (at that time the low range from Nvidia ), with these computer characteristics and on top of that I just bought it with my first salary, I thought I could move it very smoothly, nothing could be further from reality.

Doom 3 was the most demanding video game at the time with spectacular graphics and a chaotic and claustrophobic retail environment . Our role was that of a marine who went to Phobos (the moon of Mars) for a secret mission, in Phobos the mad scientists by mistake open a dimensional portal that connects with hell and from there we will have to open our way through zombies, skeletons and demons .

The truth is that Doom 3 was a game , in which in its time there was no PC capable of moving it with everything to the maximum , today 10 years later we can play with everything to the fullest thanks to our Android devices .

It seems incredible that years later we can enjoy this high-calibre game on our devices, but yes, it can and it is not the ported game that is on Google Play that only target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Nvidia Shield Tablet owners can enjoy , no, is the original PC version of Doom3 , and all thanks to a launcher called DIII4A .

How to Install Doom 3 for Android

The first thing we must have is to install the DIII4A launcher, which is the emulator that will allow us to run the Doom 3 PC files on our phone or tablet .

Download DIII4A

You can download and install DIII4A directly from the following link .

How to Download Doom 3 for Android

The only bad thing is that to enjoy the game you will need the original Doom 3 game to extract the files and incorporate them into the launcher , since the programmers have released the code through a process of reverse engineering but the design of maps, textures and characters continue being owned by id Software . Fortunately in the Htcmania forums there is a section where they explain how to install the launcher step by step .

Folder Where Doom 3 Is Installed On Android

Once you have downloaded Doom 3 from PC and have installed the DIII4A launcher , you will have to move the game folders into your Smartphone or tablet… but where do I move them? Don’t worry, you just have to follow this video .

Requirements For Doom 3 On Android

In this video I play Doom 3 on Android in ultra quality on my Leeco Le Max 2 which has a SnapDragon 820 .

I also leave you another video of Doom 3 with ultra graphics on my Nvidia Shield Tablet .

The requirements to run Doom 3 on Android are very varied but very configurable, when I wrote this tutorial I got to run it on an old Samsung Galaxy S3 . Of course, in low quality. With a current mid-range device you will be able to run it in high quality without problems .

Play Doom 3 In Ultra Graphics On Android

To play Doom 3 with ultra quality on Android we will have to run DIII4A and deactivate the following options:

Once inside the game we enter advanced settings and click on the ultra quality option .

If you have any questions about how to install Doom 3 for Android you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. You have at your disposal the different buttons of social networks to share this content, thank you very much that you have a great day.