How to Install Google Chrome Extensions Manually

Installing Chrome extensions manually is a resource that every user should know about since when entering the Chrome Web Store we will not always find what we need, so in some cases it is convenient to use “Third Party” apps . And that is precisely what we are going to learn today in MrAppsGeek to install third-party extensions in Chrome , which is why I recommend that you stay until the end to find out how to do it quickly and easily.

Is Installing Unofficial Extensions In Chrome Safe?

Before continuing with this tutorial, I remind you that installing extensions in your browser from unofficial sources could be unsafe since we could unknowingly give access to the installation of viruses , malware , cryptomining, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you only install extensions from trusted sites.

How to Install Extensions in Google Chrome Manually 2023

To put third-party extensions in Chrome , the first thing we must do is open a browser tab and follow these steps:

  1. We go up to the right where the 3 vertical points are .
  2. We enter «More Tools» .
  3. We access “Extensions” .

Enable Developer Mode

To put extensions from other users in Google Chrome we must do the following:

  1. We make sure that in the navigation url it puts: chrome://extensions/ .
  2. We activate the developer mode .

How to Add Unofficial Extensions in Google Chrome Easy and Fast 2023

To install extensions outside the Chrome Store, we just have to drag them until “Drop to Install” appears .

If we have done the previous steps correctly, a top banner will appear where we can add the non-certified extension to Chrome .

I remind you that adding unofficial extensions may not be safe , so it is always recommended to install them from trusted sites.

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