How to know how much RAM my PC supports

One of the things that may worry you the most when upgrading your computer is how to know how much RAM my PC supports . This, which seems nonsense, is something crucial since if we are going to invest money in giving our computer a good “face lift”, we must know more about the compatibility of the different RAM modules that we want to buy , up to how much our motherboard supports . and how many sockets we have left free. Today at MrAppsGeek we will answer all your questions.

Find Out How Much RAM My PC Supports

Before expanding the RAM , you should keep in mind the use that you usually give to your computer, since the same amount is not needed for graphic design programs, as for browsing or playing heavy games . So if you see that in your day to day your RAM falls short depending on your use… it is possible that the time has come to expand it. But… how do I know how much RAM my PC supports?

Do you have Windows 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

The first barrier to RAM memory is placed by the Windows operating system, let me explain:

  • Windows 32 Bits: Supports up to 4 GB of maximum RAM .
  • Windows 64 bits: Supports up to 128 GB of RAM in Windows 10 Home and up to 2 TB in other versions such as Enterprise, Pro…Etc.

How to know what type of Windows I have?

It is easy to know the version of Windows by pressing the following key combination:

  • Windows + Pause

We will see a screen with basic information about the equipment . Here we will see the amount of RAM installed and the version of the operating system (in my case 64 bits x64) .

In this way I already know that from Windows, I could put up to 128 Gb of RAM , what a beast, right? However, now I have to see the “ceiling” or bottleneck that my motherboard puts on me .

How do I know how much RAM my Place Base supports?

To know this data, the first thing I have to do is download a program to find out how much RAM my PC supports.

Download CPU-Z Free for PC

With CPU-Z you will be able to monitor all the components of your computer, even see the temperature of the CPU , you can download it from its official page from the following link .

Once we run it, we can know the RAM that my motherboard supports , for this, we will click on the “Mainboard” section and write down the “Manufacturer” and “Model” values . In my case I have the following data:

  • Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Model: H77-DS3H

See How Much Ram My PC Supports

Now it is as easy as doing a Google search with the previous data , we can visit the manufacturer’s website although I have seen it faster to search directly on Amazon.

This way I can know that the RAM bottleneck of my motherboard is at 32 GB so this is the maximum amount of RAM supported by my PC .

How much RAM does your computer support? , you can leave me a comment below I would love to read it. Do not forget to share this article if it has been useful, please, that would help me a lot…