How to know how much time you spend on YouTube

I remember years ago when I spent sleepless afternoons playing World of Warcraft that blizzard made a command available to users to know the hours that we dedicated to their game and the truth is that I was scared the first time I saw the hours that invested in touring the world of Azeroth. Google, for its part, is a quotient of the number of hours that users dedicate to YouTube , so it has included a section to find out how much time we spend on YouTube , therefore, if you are curious and want to know how long you have been watching YouTube videos keep reading this article.

How To Know How Much Time You Spend On YouTube 2023

Google to make people aware has added a new option that allows us to know the time we spend on YouTube . Accessing this function is very simple, let’s see how to do it.

How much time do I spend on YouTube?

The first thing we must do is enter our account and go to the top right and enter the icon of our profile .

Once inside we will see in our account a menu with different options, the one that interests us is “Display Time” , we enter inside.

What Is My Viewing Time On YouTube?

Here we will see the different statistics of this social network and we will be able to know the hours, minutes and seconds that we invest.

Tools To Manage The Time You Spend On This Platform

Below we can see a series of tools with which we can manage the hours we spend on this platform, let’s see what they consist of.

Remind me to take a break

We already saw a post to activate the optionRemind me to take a break on YouTube “.

Auto Play Next Video

If you have it active , the time spent on YouTube increases .

Scheduled Summary

If you activate it, you will receive a summary of all the notifications received from your favorite YouTubers.

Disable Sound And Notification

Remove the sound from YouTube and its notifications , being able to use a schedule to schedule them.

You already know how much time you spend on YouTube , I would like you to write to me and tell me the hours you spend on this platform. You have at your disposal the social network buttons to share this content, thanks for reading, have a great day.