How to know how much VRAM memory I have in Windows 11

Have you recently purchased a Windows 11 PC and would like to know its technical specifications ? This is not nonsense, in fact, it is highly recommended that every time we buy a new computer we review the features offered by the manufacturer since on many occasions we could be the target of deception. This is usually frequent when they offer us a graphics card installed in the PC and they prove that it has a lot of capacity to move games when this is not always the case. Since on certain occasions when checking the amount of available memory on the card we realize that we have been lied to. And that is precisely the reason that brought you to MrAppsGeek today., because you want to know how much VRAM memory you have in Windows 11 , then you will find out easily and quickly.

What is VRAM memory and what is it for?

VRAM is the type of memory focused on performing graphics tasks, either in programs or in video games. It could be said that the VRAM is the “RAM” of the GPU , a memory that is present in all graphics cards and is used to manage the textures, graphic processing  and polygonal loading of the elements that appear on the screen.

How to know what RAM memory I have in Windows 11 Step by Step 2023

To look at the VRAM memory in Windows 11 , the first thing we are going to do is enter the system configuration . To do this we will only have to follow these 2 steps:

  1. Press the Start button by right-clicking with the mouse.
  2. In the pop-up menu we select “Settings” .

On this screen we will see many sections related to the configuration of the PC , well among all of them we will access “System” .

  1. Now the next thing we must do is select “Screen” .
  2. In the section on the right we select «Advanced Screen Configuration» .

View VRAM Memory Information in Windows 11 2023

In this section we must access the lower part until we locate the section that says “Show the Display Adapter Properties” , once we have it in our visual we select it.

If you have followed the previous steps correctly, now you will know how much VRAM your Windows 11 PC uses , which is located in the section that says “Dedicated Video Memory” .

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