How to know if a Supermarket is Full with Google Maps

Guessing when there are more people in a supermarket can be a very useful resource in these times, since if we know what time there are more people, it will help us to avoid conglomerations and will allow us to make our purchases faster . And the truth is that you can, today in the MrAppsGeek you will learn how to know if a supermarket is full with Google Maps quickly and easily .

Why is it important to know when there are more people in a supermarket?

It may seem like a very obvious question, but actually finding out when a supermarket is most crowded has very useful implications, since it will allow us to better manage our time and make purchases in a more optimized way.

How to know when a supermarket is full with Google Maps?

Finding out when there are more people in a supermarket is very easy and I am going to show you how it is done so that you can avoid unnecessary queues . All we have to do is open the Google Maps application.

  1. Once we are inside the app we must write the name of the Supermarket in which we want to know if there are many people, for example in my case I have put “Mercadona” .
  2. A list will appear and we must select the closest supermarket to our area or the one we usually visit most frequently where we want to find out if there are many people in line .

How to know at what time fewer people go to a supermarket?

In this section we will have a lot of important information about our favorite store. Now to know when a super is less crowded in real time we must do the following:

  1. We enter the “Summary” tab .
  2. We go down all the way to where we see the hours of when a supermarket is busiest today .

In this way we will be able to intuit when there are more people in a Supermarket at this time and know at what time it is best for us to make our purchases to avoid queues at the checkouts.

And you, have you used this Google Maps function to find out when there are fewer people in a supermarket today ? You can leave me your opinions in comments. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks, that allows you to help other people… Thank you very much!