How to know if my Mobile is ROOTED in 1 Real SECOND

One of the things that made me decide to use Android is the ease that this operating system has to be able to adapt without major complications and YES, in its beginnings The MrAppsGeek was a great defender of IOS , were you surprised? The fact is that stock Android already had the qualities that every iPhone with Jailbreak had, the possibilities when rooting any Android acquired a new dimension, since we could modify many values ​​such as CPU speed, GPU and try a multitude of hacks that stock we were not allowed. For this reason, it is common that on some occasion you ask yourself “how to know if my mobile is rooted”, do not worry we will tell you very easily, but first let’s clarify what it means to root a mobile .

Rooting What is it and what is it for?

Well, it basically consists of adding a series of permissions (called SUPERSU ) to gain full control of our Smartphone . This opens up a multiverse of possibilities in terms of hardware and software modifications. At this point you will have ever asked yourself the question about knowing if my cell phone is rooted , don’t worry, we will tell you how to find out easily.

How to know if my mobile is well ROOTED

Knowing if my mobile is rooted is a process that won’t take you more than a few seconds, for this we will only have to install an application for Android called Root Checker .

What is Root Checker and what is it for?

Well, basically it is an app to find out if my cell phone is rooted, offering us a screenshot with the data about the root of our terminal.

How to Download Root Checker

You can download this program to find out if my cell phone is rooted for free from Google Play from the following link .

How to Use Root Checker

Once Root Checker has been downloaded , we will be able to know if a mobile is easily rooted , for this we click on “Open” .

Now this app will warn us that it is not responsible for installing root but for verifying it . Click on “Accept” .

Verify Root

Now to know if my mobile is well rooted we must click on the “Verify Root” box .

In my case, my device is not rooted so I have received the following screen. If you have root on your mobile , in the same way Root Checker will verify it for you .

Well, this is the answer to your question about how to know if my phone is rooted . If you have any questions, ask me a question in “comments”, thanks for your time, ah! and don’t forget to share.