How to Know if Office 365 Has Fallen Today Easy and Fast

Office 365 is an online office tool that allows you to edit your Word, Excel and PowerPaint documents in the cloud without having to buy a license , completely free of charge and of course legal. Due to this, there are many users who use this platform every day to access their documents and edit them without having to resort to other alternatives . However, this sometimes causes the service to not work correctly and that is precisely the reason that brought you to MrAppsGeek , because you are experiencing problems logging into Office 365 and you want to know if it has crashed today. Well, below we will give you some advice that you can follow to find out if these errors are due to problems in the tool’s servers or a bad Internet connection on your part.

Why Won’t Office 365 Let Me Sign In Today?

If Office 365 does not work today 2023 it can be due to 2 main reasons:

  1. Office 365 servers down today 2023 .
  2. That you try to access the platform from an unstable connection .

Below we will give you a series of tips that you can follow to find out what is happening with Office 365 today 2023 and thus clear up any doubts about the status of its servers.

Check Your Network Connection

If you have problems with the platform, the first thing you should do is try to log in from different WiFi networks and even from mobile data. If you still have errors, it is very likely that the servers are down at the moment . Another way to find out the status of your connection is by performing an Internet speed test from the following link .

Contact Microsoft

If the Office 365 servers are experiencing problems right now, it is very likely that Microsoft has communicated it to its users through its official networks. Below I leave you the different ways of contact so that you have all the possible information:

How to know if Office 365 is down today 2023

If you are almost sure that something is happening with Office 365 today 2023 but you want to find out for sure, there is a tool called Downdetector that could help you in the process.

What is DownDetector and what is it for?

Downdetector is an online platform that is dedicated to collecting all the incidents reported by users who experience problems in the service. So if in the last hours there is some kind of anomaly in the graph, it is more than likely that Office 365 will not work today 2023 . You can check Downdetector on its official page through the following link .

How To Know If Microsoft Office 365 Is Down Worldwide Today 2023

Ok, we already know what is happening to Office 365 today 2023 but if we want to find out if this platform has fallen worldwide we can use a service called “IsFailing” that allows us to know the geographical areas in which there are problems with this Microsoft application . In this way we can graphically consult the places where there are errors through a heat map which we can consult here .

If you want you can comment at what time you started having problems with this tool, this would help other users to find out what is happening. I also remind you that another way to help other people is by sharing this article through your social networks. Thank you very much for everything!

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