How to know if you are blocked on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks of the moment, a perfect place to share with friends, follow celebrities or people we admire.

The private profile mode has greatly reduced the chances of unwanted people following us, but it also has the ability to block profiles so they can no longer see our Instagram.

But how do you know if you are blocked on Instagram? Who blocked me on Instagram? If you have any doubt that someone has blocked you and you want to confirm it, keep reading!

How to know if you are blocked on Instagram

Unlike Twitter, there is no direct way to know if you are blocked on Instagram. However, there is circumstantial evidence that we can trust whether or not we are blocked on Instagram, let’s see.

Find the account that is blocking you on Instagram.

If you think a user has blocked you on Instagram, you should try searching for that account in the app’s search bar. If you can’t find their username, it may indicate that this person has a private profile that has blocked you.

But it could also mean that this account has been temporarily or permanently closed.

However, if this account’s profile is public and you suspect it has been blocked, you may see it show up in your search, but when you go to the account to view posted photos, you will see a “no photo or video yet” mention.

At this point, you can try following the targeted person. If you have followed her before, the follow option may still be there. But if you are blocked, clicking on that option will not allow you to follow the person.

Tapping the “follow” button doesn’t work either. This is the first way to see if someone has blocked us on Instagram.

Check your old Instagram chats

If you still have questions and have chatted with this person before, check your chat history. In case you are blocked, the profile will appear without a message, which is the second sign that your account is blocked.

Use your computer in incognito mode

Another way to see if someone has blocked you is to go to your web browser or mobile in incognito mode and enter of the person you are looking for.

You can also search Google by entering your username followed by the word Instagram. In any case, if you find the profile you are looking for and you have followed the tips above, it is safe to block it.

Why can’t you see this account? Because this user blocked you through their phone, not their web browser.

Search for old mentions

Another way to find out if someone is blocking you is to go to a private website or your mobile browser and go to of the person you are blocking to search for.

Use another account

If you’re still in doubt, one of the last possible alternatives to see if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to use a friend’s account or create a new account.

If the account in question appears in your searches and you can follow it, that confirms that this person is blocking you.

Use apps to see who’s blocking you on Instagram

Some apps allow you to directly see who is following you, who is unfollowing you and who is blocking you. These apps can be found in the respective store of your smartphone.

But please note that using these apps is not compatible with connecting your account to the instaBOSS platform. Be very careful.

In case you are blocked on Instagram, there is not much you can do but respect their choice or try to contact the person directly to ask the reason via email or through another social network such as Twitter or Facebook.

Keep in mind that some people block users who repeatedly tag them in photos or mention them too often in their posts.

How to know if you are blocked on Instagram story?

Some people have a habit of blocking people from their Instagram stories, they may want to do this for a variety of reasons, because they don’t want their ex or people at work to see them, because they want to protect their privacy, etc. .

However, although we can not officially know if we have been blocked from an Instagram story, there are some tips and tricks that allow you to know if someone has blocked us, so do not hesitate to ask.

If a person’s profile is public, connect to their Instagram from a computer, don’t forget to disconnect your phone from the network first.
Access the profile of the person you suspect has blocked you. If the colored circle indicating that a story has been created appears on their computer but not on their phone, they may have been blocked from the story in question.
You can also ask a friend, who also follows this person on Instagram, to tell you if they have seen the story of the person you suspect blocked you from their story and you’re done!

Block someone on Instagram

To block someone on Instagram on Android and iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Instagram app.
  • Go to the profile you want to block.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen.
  • In the drop-down menu you will see the “Block” option. Click on.
  • Done, you blocked the person’s account.

How do I block someone who has blocked us on Instagram?

Keep in mind that you cannot block someone who blocked you because as soon as that person blocks you, your account will no longer exist for them and they will not be able to find your account.

How to view the profile of the person who blocked us.

Now let’s see if it is possible to see the Instagram account that blocked you. There are two situations here, if the person has a public account or if they have a private account.

For public profiles, simply log out of Instagram from your phone, then from your computer you can access the content posted by the user.

If the person who blocked you has a private account then the story gets complicated because as we said, once this person blocks you you will never see their account again. The only way to see that person’s profile is with the account of a friend who follows that person.