How to know the CPU Usage of Android Applications

Have you ever wondered how to know the CPU usage of Android applications ? Well, today in The Power of MrAppsGeek you will learn a trick with which you can analyze the performance of your processor when executing a task in real time and for that You just have to follow the steps that I indicate below.

How to See CPU Consumption on Android Step by Step 2023

To monitor the resources of our processor in Android, the first thing we will do is install an app called Aida64 that will allow us to analyze different aspects of our Smartphone’s hardware such as: Sensors, Screen, Battery and of course CPU .

Download Aida64 Free 2023

You can install Aida64 app for free directly from the Play Store app store via the following link .

How to See CPU Usage on Android Easy and Fast 2023

Now we are going to use a trick to put the split screen in Android , in this way we can open the Aida64 application on the same screen to monitor the consumption of the processor when executing other tasks.

Doing it is very simple, we just have to open Aida64 and enter the CPU section.

Here we will see the clock speed of all the processors , once we have the screen in this place we will give the multitasking icon of our phone.

Once inside the multitasking we will click on the icon at the top of the Aida64 application.

A menu will appear with different options, the only one that interests us is “Open in Split Screen View” .

Now we open the application that we want to monitor, in my case, for example, I have decided to see the CPU performance of my Android phone when using the DamonPS2 PRO emulator.

We select the application (in my case DamonPS2PRO).

Now the split screen will appear and we will be able to know at what speed the processor works when executing said application. It should also be noted that at any time we can adjust the screen width to our liking.

And in this simple way we can know the performance of the CPU in Android , if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and if I can I will try to answer as soon as possible. On the other hand, I remind you that you have at your disposal the social network buttons to share this content with your friends and family. Thank you very much!