It is possible that you need to know the DNI of a Spanish person at a specific moment, either to fill out some papers for a relative, to report an insurance or similar. The fact is that it is possible to find out the ID of a person knowing his name and his last name for free and with tools that we have today very easily. Below in MrAppsGeek we teach you how to search for DNI by name and surname in Spain .

What is the DNI and what is it for?

DNI is the acronym for National  Identity Document and  is a personal and mandatory card for people over 14 years of age or any act of a judicial, civil, commercial or administrative nature. This card is used to identify a person before any legal mandate, such as exercising the right to vote.

How is the DNI different from the NIF?

As we have said previously, the DNI refers to the National Identity Document while the NIF is the acronym for Tax Identification Number .

  • DNI: It is used to identify the person , to vote, sign electronic documents or to travel through the European Union.
  • NIF:  It is a method of identification of natural and legal persons before the Spanish Tax Agency .

Reasons why knowing the ID of a person by name in Spain

There are many reasons that can lead someone to find out the DNI of a person in Spain , some of them may be the following:

  • View exam scores online .
  • Know if a person has traffic tickets.
  • Know if someone has been admitted or rejected in a course .
  • To know the different activities that he has carried out in the last years of his life .

It is necessary to know that only organizations such as the Police can access this kind of information since it is protected by the Data Protection Law of the European Union . However, in this tutorial we will only see the possibilities offered by official tools such as the BOE, TESTRA or the same Google search engine .

Do not forget that you can always request the right to be forgotten in Google to hide the information that the search engine has about us .

How to know the DNI of a Spanish person

Next we are going to see a couple of methods to know the DNI of a person in Spain for free , I must emphasize that both methods are totally legal since it is information that we can consult on the Internet and in the BOE .

Search DNI By Name And Surname In Spain

To find out someone’s ID, one of the best methods is to do a Google search with their first and last name . The only problem is that there may be several people with the same name and surname , so we can further compare the search by entering the city of origin of the person being sought, for example:

  • Antonio Rodriguez Reina + Seville

In the case of making a favorable search we can access PDF of official bulletins such as the Junta de Andalucia and we can access the ID of said person by pressing the combination “CTRL + F” and writing the name and surname of the person to find it in the list easily..

Know the ID of a person for their fines

Since 2015, fines appear in the BOE and you can check the ID of a person knowing their name and surname in Spain as long as they have been fined and their data is on the TESTRA website .

Search in the BOE

If an administration such as the Treasury or Traffic tries to contact a person without success, their data as well as their ID will be published in the BOE (Official State Gazette). You can find out the ID of a person through the Single Edictal Board or to find out if a person has notifications in the Official State Gazette. You can check it here .

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