How to KNOW THE IMEI of an Android Mobile

How to know the IMEI of an Android mobile? , thus begins the title of this simple post. The truth is that checking the IMEI of our mobile phone is tremendously simple! Therefore, if you want to discover the answer on how to know the IMEI of an Android mobile , I invite you to continue reading. Although before continuing I would like to clarify the following question.

What is the IMEI of a mobile? and what is it for?

The IMEI code corresponds to the initials (International Mobile Equipment Identity) . It is basically a 15-digit number assigned to each terminal. It could be said that it is a kind of DNI for Smartphones .

Keeping our IMEI code safe is important. The uses that are given to it are various but I will list the most essential here:

  1. Possibility of unlocking the mobile by IMEI
  2. Locate mobile by IMEI
  3. Block a stolen mobile by IMEI

How to know the IMEI of an Android mobile?

We are going to see 2 very simple ways of how to know the IMEI of an Android mobile.

Method 1, check IMEI by code on the dial

I love this way of how to know the IMEI of my cell phone , since it is very simple. To know our number we will only have to open the telephone dial and dial the following code *#06#

After writing this number we give it to make a call and magically our IMEI code will appear .

I have deleted my IMEI code because it is like the DNI of my Smartphone . Try not to post it out there, you will know what it is because it has 15 digits.

Method 2, find out IMEI in the Settings menu

This method for how to know the IMEI of an Android mobile is as valid as the first. To begin we will go to “Settings” of our Phone .

Then we go to the section that says “About the phone”.

Then in “About phone” , we go where it says “Status” .

Within “Status” , we can see various characteristics of our Mobile Phone , as one of them is our IMEI code.

It should be noted that this method is valid for any Smartphone with the Android operating system .

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