How to know the inches of the screen of my Android

Have you bought a Smartphone but you don’t know for sure the size of the panel and you would like to know the inches of your Android screen ? Well, welcome to MrAppsGeek , throughout this simple tutorial we will show you how you can discover for yourself the exact size of the screen of your device in a matter of seconds.

What do we call 1 inch?

An inch is a unit of measurement used especially in the United States, its equivalence is as follows:

1 Inch = 2.54 Cm = 0.0254 M.

How to know the inches of the screen of my mobile step by step 2023

It is possible that you have bought a smartphone and are wary of the features provided by the manufacturer or simply that you have bought a second-hand device and want to know the exact size of the screen in inches .

Well, finding out is very simple, you just need a free application called Aida 64 that will provide us with very valuable information about our device, such as the following:

Download Aida64 For Android Free 2023

You can install Aida64 free on Android directly from the link below .

Download Aida64 For iPhone Free 2023

Similarly you can also install Aida64 for iOS for free via the App Store from the following link .

How Many Inches Does My Android Mobile Have? 2023

As simple as accessing Aida64 and selecting the “Screen” section .

Now we will only have to look at the section that says “Diagonal Screen” to know the exact size in inches .

How to go from inches to centimeters?

As a curiosity, if you want to change the size of the diagonal of your screen to cm, you can do it with this free online tool .

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