How to Know the Make and Model of My Easy Hard Drive

Knowing the brand and model of a hard drive is a resource that every user should know when buying a new storage unit, so you can subject it to speed tests to find out if the SSD meets the quality standards of the manufacturer, but of course for this you must know the exact model. And this is where MrAppsGeek comes in to help you with this task and to achieve this we will use a free program called CrystalDiskInfo which will provide us with a lot of information about our disk drives.

What is CrystalDiskInfo and what is it for?

Crystal Disk Info is a free tool that will allow us to know the status of our storage unit, be it the temperatures that it reaches, revolutions per minute or even the hours of use.

How to Download CrystalDiskInfo Free 2023

You can download Crystal Disk Info from its official page for free through the following link .

How to Install Crystal Disk Info Step by Step 2023

Once inside its official page we can download the program in its portable version or the installer, it is preferable to install the programs from the “Installer” .

After a few seconds we will see that the CrystalDiskInfo.EXE file will begin to download . Once it is downloaded, we install it on our PC by clicking on it.

The next thing will be to accept the terms and choose the installation folder, once we have everything to our liking we will click on “Next” .

How to know the model of my hard drive easy and fast 2023

Using CrystalDiskInfo is very easy , all the units that we have on our hard drive will appear above the tool, we just have to select the one that we want to monitor to obtain the following data from our storage units:

  • Name and exact model of our hard drive .
  • Number of times on.
  • Operating hours.
  • Drive letter.
  • RPM.

And in this simple way we can know the exact model of a storage unit . Remember that if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer if I have time. I also remind you that you have at your disposal the different social networks to share this article with your friends in case you think it may be of some use to them, that will allow me to continue growing.