How to know the model of my RAM memory WITHOUT OPENING IT

One of the cheapest and most affordable ways to upgrade our PC is to add more RAM . This is an easy process to use and thanks to it we will avoid buying a new computer . The only problem with all this is how to know the model of my ram memory without opening the PC box? . Don’t worry, at MrAppsGeek we explain it to you very easily step by step.

How do I know what model of RAM memory my PC uses?

Knowing the model of my RAM memory without opening it is easy using a program called HWInfo which will help us to know the exact model of our memory.

Download HWInfo Free

You can download this program to know the model of my RAM memory from the following link .

Once inside we can choose several types of file formats , I recommend downloading HWInfo portable (portable) . Once located, we select it and download it to our PC .

Once downloaded , we unzip the file in a folder and execute the program that corresponds to our operating system:

  • If we use Windows X86 we will give HWInfo32.exe .
  • If we use Windows 64 we will give HWInfo64.exe .

Once executed we will see a window such as this, to which we will click “Run” .

How to know brand and model of RAM memory without opening the PC

To see the model of RAM memory on my PC we must go to the “Memory” section . This is where the computer’s memory modules will appear.

Now we must select one of them and we will be able to see the exact model of our memory .

Know Brand Model And Type Of RAM Memory In Windows 10, 8 and 7

Once clicked on the memory module , in the right section we will see much more information where we can see the exact brand, memory speed, size and type of memory (If it is DDR2, DDR3, DDR4…) .

And in this simple way I have been able to see the RAM memory model on my PC easily and quickly . If you have any questions with this tutorial you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this article with your social networks , please, that would help me a lot…